How To Heal-Episode 8 Carole Fontaine

With the Women of Spirit Volume II book launch happening in two days, I wanted to get one more interview out before March 23rd. Known to some as, “The Sailing Yogi,” Carole is a certified Life Coach specializing in Mindfulness and Empowerment, Meditative Writing, Shakti Dance®Yoga, and Reiki Master Teacher. She owns a thriving graphic design business and is a bestselling author. Find out more about her journey here

Astro Magic & Winter Solstice

Today in the Western Hemisphere we are celebrating Winter Solstice the longest night of the year. In ancient times it was seen as the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun or of a Sun God. It’s a great time to spend time in meditation, reflect and renew and this is an awesome time to create some cosmic magic.

As promised I interviewed my friend and mentor today Noel Eastwood retired psychologist with a background in Taoist Alchemy, Astrology, The Tarot, and the Esoteric. It is his Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year on his side of the world in Australia. We discuss his unique background in the occult along with the history and mystery of Astro Magic. You can listen here. It’s also uploaded to the How To Heal YouTube Channel where you can find all my interviews, presentations and more.

May your Holidays be filled with Love & Magic,


The Season of Inner Reflection

As we near Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year. Was it a year full of joy, laughter, growth and love? Was it all you imagined and more? Or was it just another year.. no big deal? The answers to this question gives you a pretty good idea where you are as 2022 comes to an end in the next couple of weeks.

If you are feeling like nothing you do is sticking at the moment, it’s okay. Now is a great time to work on the version of who you would like to be in 2023. This is not the time to push or force things especially when it comes to others. This is a major time of change on a cosmic and global level so everyone is dealing with their own inner world to manage their outer world.

I did a podcast with Bonnie Gonzalez who has an awesome podcast called Your Doula For Grief. She was an emergency room nurse for many years and has been in the role of caregiver and nurturer most of her life. In this episode we discuss the many ways we hold on to grief, where it stores itself in the body and what you can do about it. If you feel you need assistance for what you or someone you care about maybe going through, reach out and I will be happy to offer support and direction on where to start. This was my first time doing a live show on this particular platform so excuse any timing or lag in our communication.

Your Doula For Grief


There will be one more podcast for the year with my mentor and friend Noel Eastwood, Psychologist, Astrologist, Tarot Master & Author. It will be interesting to say the least. If you are into mystery, occult and all things magical, this will be an episode you don’t want to miss. Look for this episode by Winter Solstice.

With Warm Hugs,


October-A Month of Transformation

Like me, you can probably feel it in the air. October brings in the energies of transformation. In Astrology, it transitions the houses from the personal to your relationships with others and the balance that comes along with a conscious sense of self while interacting with others. This is just some of the energies of Libra. Then towards the end of the month Scorpio comes in and brings the fire and emotions that test your relationships with others to see how real and substantial they truly are.

I love this time of the year for several reasons. I seem to have a lot of energy during this time of year. I have made several major decisions in my life and my creativity flows through much easier in this season. I believe it’s possibly because of my Scorpio moon is utilizing this energy in a productive way. Which was not always the case I assure you. Is this time of the year special for you as well?

In what ways can you prepare to utilize this time of year more to your advantage? Spend more time alone, especially in nature. Pay attention to the energy you are putting out in the world and think of ways to make it more powerful, more alluring, more you. Work with crystals that draw you towards making adjustments and alterations in your life that will bring positive change and growth like Metamorphosis Quartz, Bloodstone, Nebula Stone and Obsidian.

I also suggest tuning in to this episode of How to Heal where I chat with my good friend Ellie Fabra, shaman and medicine woman. Her insights and journey may help you as you travel through your inner world and find uncharted parts of yourself this October-November season.

Summer Madness

The last few months have been a world wind of experiences. I am amazed that we are in to the eighth month of 2022 already. During the last few months, I have taken on a new challenging but fulfilling position, working on alternative health CEU’s for nurses and working on my own health and wellbeing. I will do a full post on this in the fall.

For those of you that have also been feeling the pull and tug of the cosmos energies, it maybe time to slow down a little from your day to day routines especially if it has been the same ole same ole. You may also be feeling overwhelmed by your goals and life demands. If you haven’t checked out my Weekly Insights Through The Cards on YouTube, it may help for going deeper and developing your inner perspective that can help bring meaning and balance in your external life.

I did have a chance to connect with a beautiful soul Patricia Diorio since my last post. You can find her interview under episode 6. She interviewed me for her show recently and there I talk more about what I have been up to lately. You can find it here.

I would love you hear from you and how your Summer has been progressing in such changing times. I will post insights around those who have questions or inspiration that can help others along the way.

Much Love,


How To Heal Episode 10 Cheryl Partridge

It was so fun interviewing some of the Women of Spirit Anthology Volume II authors. Here is our final interview for the season with Cheryl Partridge of the Wild Ones Homeschooling and Sacred Women Principles. Check out what she is up to at her homestead here

The Benefits of Understanding Your Soul Contract

In our day to day interactions with the world, we can become confused and disheartened about our lives and the true purpose of our time in this physical dimension. Some of us have a knowing feeling that we are here to contribute to the world with a certain contribution and in a major way.

There are many deterrents we come across on our journey that may take us in a new direction for a little while or the rest of our lifetime. Everything is energy in many forms and when we continue to do things that are against our inner navigational system, we magnetize more challenges, disharmony and unforeseen negative consequences of our energetic imbalances. This is only what we personally create. Read more here

Join the presentation with Prepare For Change this Saturday April 16th at 8am PST, 10am CST, 11am EST to understand how this numerology method can help you. There will be a demonstration of a Soul Contract during the presentation. To RVSP for the presentation, email Transform@HowToHealNetwork.com. If you register and miss the event, a link will be sent to you with the recording after.

How To Heal Episode 9 Sloane Reali

Our voice is major way in which to express ourselves, manifest energy into form and as a healing tool for those of us that feel we were silenced, our words devalued or just not heard by those we feel most connected to.

In this episode we get to know a little about Sloane Reali, another amazing women from the Women of Spirit Volume II publication released March 23rd. Sloane is a professional Vocal Coach, Confidence Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Musician. Sloane holds a Masters Degree in Education from UCSB and a California Teaching Credential. Sloane specializes in teaching beginning and intermediate level singers, some who’ve placed top in local competitions such as Teen Star and Rising Star and auditions for American Idol and NBC’s “The Voice!”https://anchor.fm/howtoheal/episodes/How-To-Heal-Episode-9-Sloane-Reali-e1ghjnc

Women of Spirit Volume II Launch Party

This Wednesday, March 23rd is the launch party for the Women of Spirit Volume II Anthology. Join Us! I will be doing a short presentation at the launch to help promote me and all the women that participated in the anthology. You can find some of these amazing women interviews here or Spotify under How To Heal. Two new interviews coming soon.

How To Heal Episode 7

Women of Spirit Volume II Anthology Interview Series #2

This episode we will be having an intimate conversation with Danielle Dufour. She is one of the amazing women that was published in the Women of Spirit Volume II with me and the book launch is March 1st. Danielle is Integrative Counselor an Ordained Metaphysical Minister based in Shuswap Lake, BC, Canada.

How To Heal Episode 12 With Noel Eastwood-Astro Magic & How To Create with it in the 21st century How To Heal-A Place For Transformation In All Aspects of Life

I was so excited to have the pleasure to chat with my mentor and friend Noel Eastwood. He is a retired psychologist with a background in Taoist Alchemy, Astrology, The Tarot, and the Esoteric. He is an author with several books including “ Psychological ‘Astrology and the Twelve Houses “ He also has  3 books on astrology, a book on self-hypnosis and its clinical and psychic use, along with a 5 book series on the ‘Fool’s Journey through the Tarot’. We discuss the history of Astro Magic and creating with the cosmos in your healing process. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/howtoheal/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/howtoheal/support
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