How To Heal Episode 6

The Women of Spirit Volume II Anthology Series Interview #1

For the next couple of months or so I will be spotlighting some beautiful women that I am just getting to know and hoping that we all will become great friends. This Episode, I have a chat with Patricia Diorio. Patricia is a Spiritual Mentor, Sacred Storyteller and Professional Intuitive. She has more than 20 years experience as Executive Director of high-profile, non-profit organizations and more than 2 decades in private practice as a Spiritual Counselor in Santa Barbara, CA.

How To Heal Episode 12 With Noel Eastwood-Astro Magic & How To Create with it in the 21st century How To Heal-A Place For Transformation In All Aspects of Life

I was so excited to have the pleasure to chat with my mentor and friend Noel Eastwood. He is a retired psychologist with a background in Taoist Alchemy, Astrology, The Tarot, and the Esoteric. He is an author with several books including “ Psychological ‘Astrology and the Twelve Houses “ He also has  3 books on astrology, a book on self-hypnosis and its clinical and psychic use, along with a 5 book series on the ‘Fool’s Journey through the Tarot’. We discuss the history of Astro Magic and creating with the cosmos in your healing process. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Updates & New YouTube

Can you believe it’s already February? It is also the Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger which makes an appearance about every 60 years. This is the time to be brave, powerful, passionate and playful while using our intuition and instincts to get the best out of this year. Along with some other interesting planetary alignments, this particular tiger year is when fortunes can be made or lost so being pragmatic when it comes to shared high risk ventures, friendships and business is recommended.

The energies have been shifting a lot for me since the holiday season making it challenging to get firm dates and plans on anything. There will be a new podcast episode released around February 13th and an intro video for Creating The Life You Desire Through Energetics by the end of the month. This will be the first in a series of intro videos between 8-16mins that will start regularly on the How To Heal YouTube Channel. Speaking of YouTube…..

I had to start a new YouTube Channel during the last Mercury Retrograde. I cannot access the other one for some reason. When you first visit the channel, you will notice some of the videos like my interview on Soul Contracts with Heather Eland of Astrology with Heather (She has a huge YouTube Channel I recommend if your into Astrology) and Divine Healing intro video are missing along with some of the Weekly videos. I do a 3 minute or so weekly insights forecast there with a few of my counseling cards and all my freebies will be listed there as well for your viewing and listening pleasure. I will post the main ones to this channel in the next week. You can re-subscribe or subscribe here.

By the way, I would love your feedback on something I have been thinking about implementing in the How To Heal Community for a while now. I was thinking of adding a segment where people could send in anonymously questions to some of their, wellness, spiritual and metaphysical concerns for me to answer so that everyone get benefit from it. Many times others have the same questions but feel too shy or unsure about asking. You get advice to help you or someone you know heal and I get to use my experience and education to help as many people as I can. Send your thoughts or questions to

How To Heal Special Edition Episode 5


Soul Contracts-Realigning With Purpose

This is a special edition episode where I am interviewed by Heather Eland of Astrology with Heather. If you are an Astrology lover, I suggest following her on YouTube. I explain the basics of Soul Contract work and why it’s so helpful at any stage of your healing journey. If you would like to watch the video and follow along you can go here. The pdf is also available by emailing with subject “Soul Contract PDF”. Follow articles, events and more at  — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


Soul Contracts- Realigning With Purpose

We all at some point in our lives feel off track, in a rut or just unclear about how to navigate our path. For many of us 2021 has been a year of twists, turns and unclear communication on many levels. When we know what our true purpose is in this life time, it is easier to trust in the flow and keep progressing without doubts and fears that can literally freeze forward momentum. Basically, we try to keep the status quo going so we don’t have to change even though staying where we are is very unsatisfying.

This is how Soul Contracts help realign your actions with your purpose so unhealthy cycles like these can be released. Soul Contracts is a Numerology system based on 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet and incorporated elements of Kabbalah. Tarot & Astrology.

Soul Contracts are about revealing the deepest soul truth of why you are here on Earth

*It brings order to the chaos

*Shows the big picture-Physical to Soul Destiny

*Shows how physical & spiritual a talents work together or hinders

* Helps you to understand your life up to now

*Offers recommendations on how to get your contract to work for you

It is described as the spiritual map of the potential that your soul has laid out in this lifetime. You also gain knowledge of the type of methods to use to breakthrough patterns and how to use your innate gifts.

Here are a few of the new testimonials that has come in regarding this work.

My soul contract reading with Mika was incredible. I had no idea what to expect but I was astonished by the accuracy and synchronicity of my reading. It put so many pieces of my puzzle together and solidified some of my hunches. Now I feel I have a semi plan for areas I must work on and areas that may be holding me back. It’s truly like a blueprint and it helps put a different perspective on the events of life. Mika you are so kind and I thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight with me . ❤️

Sarah Olson

Comprehensive, enlightening & awesome!

Melissa Mae

Hawera, New Zealand

Mika’s soul contract reading was fascinating. I’m always curious to understand the relationships in my life better, and found this reading not only informative, but also useful. I now know how to proceed with certain relationships that have been tripping me up for some time. Mika has a strong understanding of the mystical forces at play, which are often only at the periphery of our awareness.

Erica Lynn

Petaluma, California

Mika’s soul contract reading was exceptionally insightful. She communicated valuable key points as to what’s been going on in my life up to this point, how I have been interacting with my family, and all the things that have been going on behind the scenes. Understanding the vibration around my name was something I have been wondering about for some time. Mika’s in-depth analysis gave me a new outlook on where my life could improve in the areas I feel most stuck, which was extremely helpful. I am so grateful she’s shared this gift with me.
Melissa Thomas

Pacific Grove, California

Here is my interview with Heather Eland from Astrology with Heather where I explain the basics of Soul Contract work and why it’s so helpful at any stage of your healing journey. You can contact me at or for a free 15min consult to help you decide if a Soul Contract, Soul Contract Overlay or Energetic Alignments is right for you. They also make excellent gifts for the seekers and those on the path of growth and higher awareness in your life.

Divine Healings-Transformation Through Feeling

On our journey to grow and evolve in life there are challenges that can at times seem overwhelming with no answer in sight. Where do you begin when there are layers of blockages that need to be looked at and released?

When you can be present in your body, you can feel your way to healing. The body knows instinctively what to bring to the surface to heal at the right time. Our spirit has a purpose it wants to see come to fruition so we never get more than we can handle.

For many of us that have been through trauma and or abuse like myself, being totally present in the body can be one of the most terrifying and difficult things to accomplish. As we walk the road to heal, we begin to learn to call parts of ourselves back that left to watch from a distance a long time ago. This is part of the process and can take decades if not lifetimes.

Divine Healings is a method created by Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire, Shekiera Shaozen & Mary Liomariss de Tute to help clients cut through core blockages & issues faster in their sessions. It intuitively allows you to discover and peel away the layers in the right order to realign you with your ideal path. I have been doing these healings for months and love sharing this space with others.

Interested in learning more about joining the How To Heal Network Monthly Divine Healings?

Watch a Divine Healing video here on the How To Heal Network YouTube Channel. The monthly general sessions are free to attend so if your interested, join the newsletter to receive a link. They will be recorded for those that cannot attend and you will receive a link. I also updated the pdf of the presentation. If you would like it for a reference, email

Fall Updates

Things are changing and shifting behind the scenes at How To Heal. We have a new site, new office and new podcast episodes on the way. There will be more articles, online events and there is an Energy of the Week to help you plan your weeks for the best possible outcomes.

Look for my interview with Astrology with Heather’s, Heather Eland on the benefits of Soul Contracts. You will be able to send questions into Ask Mika for all your spiritual and metaphysical ponders about life and beyond. If your not sure where to begin or would like to keep up to date with the latest here at How To Heal-A Place For Transformation In All Aspects of Life, join the newsletter at

I am looking forward to connecting with you all in the new space on the new network in this new time of growth an evolution.

How To Heal Episode 4


In this episode we talk with Jesse “Wolf” Hardin of Herbaria Newsletter, Plant Healers Magazine and The Good Medicine Confluence. Wolf discuss how him and his wife Kiva’s journey in plant medicine began and the healing connection of their land in Durango, Colorado. We also discuss the upcoming Good Medicine Confluence coming up online for the first time July 16th-18th.

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How To Heal Episode 3


In this episode we talk about Alchemy in ones life and the definition of Life Alchemy. Ways to start creating Life Alchemy will be discussed.

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How To Heal Episode 2


This episode talks about energetic practices and their importance in your life. Discover several energetic techniques that can be implemented into your life immediately for health and well being. 

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How To Heal Episode 1


How to heal is about combining practical health and spiritual knowledge that can be utilized daily for enhancement in all areas of life. Episode 1 is about the background and principles that the show is built on along with an introduction to Energetics and energy awareness. For an introduction to energy awareness visit and join the mailing list for your Raise Your Vibration audio. 

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