How To Heal-A Place For Transformation In All Aspects of Life

With Mika Leone-Pettit

Sharing personal lessons, articles, books, friends, journeys and more for those who want to dive deep into discovering their fullest potential through self empowerment and natural healing practices. We will discuss many options to heal on many levels with practical tools to use in everyday life. How to heal is about combining practical health and spiritual knowledge that can be utilized daily for enhancement in all areas of life.

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Summer Madness

The last few months have been a world wind of experiences. I am amazed that we are in to the eighth month of 2022 already. During the last few months, I have taken on a new challenging but fulfilling position, working on alternative health CEU’s for nurses and working on my own health and wellbeing.Continue reading “Summer Madness”

How To Heal Episode 10 Cheryl Partridge

It was so fun interviewing some of the Women of Spirit Anthology Volume II authors. Here is our final interview for the season with Cheryl Partridge of the Wild Ones Homeschooling and Sacred Women Principles. Check out what she is up to at her homestead here


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