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Can you believe it’s already February? It is also the Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger which makes an appearance about every 60 years. This is the time to be brave, powerful, passionate and playful while using our intuition and instincts to get the best out of this year. Along with some other interesting planetary alignments, this particular tiger year is when fortunes can be made or lost so being pragmatic when it comes to shared high risk ventures, friendships and business is recommended.

The energies have been shifting a lot for me since the holiday season making it challenging to get firm dates and plans on anything. There will be a new podcast episode released around February 13th and an intro video for Creating The Life You Desire Through Energetics by the end of the month. This will be the first in a series of intro videos between 8-16mins that will start regularly on the How To Heal YouTube Channel. Speaking of YouTube…..

I had to start a new YouTube Channel during the last Mercury Retrograde. I cannot access the other one for some reason. When you first visit the channel, you will notice some of the videos like my interview on Soul Contracts with Heather Eland of Astrology with Heather (She has a huge YouTube Channel I recommend if your into Astrology) and Divine Healing intro video are missing along with some of the Weekly videos. I do a 3 minute or so weekly insights forecast there with a few of my counseling cards and all my freebies will be listed there as well for your viewing and listening pleasure. I will post the main ones to this channel in the next week. You can re-subscribe or subscribe here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-sFb3IQPnRxDOcPVblL6A

By the way, I would love your feedback on something I have been thinking about implementing in the How To Heal Community for a while now. I was thinking of adding a segment where people could send in anonymously questions to some of their, wellness, spiritual and metaphysical concerns for me to answer so that everyone get benefit from it. Many times others have the same questions but feel too shy or unsure about asking. You get advice to help you or someone you know heal and I get to use my experience and education to help as many people as I can. Send your thoughts or questions to Transform@HowToHealNetwork.com

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Mika Leone-Pettit is a Holistic Health, Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher with a Bachelors in Natural Health Studies and Master's in Metaphysical Science. She is currently in the doctoral program at the University of Sedona in Transpersonal Counseling. She writes articles for Herbaria Newsletter and Plant Healers Magazine. She is also a member of the Sound Education Association. While currently teaching, working on courses, counseling and writing Mika now combines her years of experience into an online center.

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