How To Heal Episode 6

The Women of Spirit Volume II Anthology Series Interview #1 For the next couple of months or so I will be spotlighting some beautiful women that I am just getting to know and hoping that we all will become great friends. This Episode, I have a chat with Patricia Diorio. Patricia is a Spiritual Mentor,Continue reading “How To Heal Episode 6”

Updates & New YouTube

Can you believe it’s already February? It is also the Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger which makes an appearance about every 60 years. This is the time to be brave, powerful, passionate and playful while using our intuition and instincts to get the best out of this year. Along with some other interestingContinue reading “Updates & New YouTube”

How To Heal Special Edition Episode 5

Summary Soul Contracts-Realigning With Purpose This is a special edition episode where I am interviewed by Heather Eland of Astrology with Heather. If you are an Astrology lover, I suggest following her on YouTube. I explain the basics of Soul Contract work and why it’s so helpful at any stage of your healing journey. IfContinue reading “How To Heal Special Edition Episode 5”

Soul Contracts- Realigning With Purpose

We all at some point in our lives feel off track, in a rut or just unclear about how to navigate our path. For many of us 2021 has been a year of twists, turns and unclear communication on many levels. When we know what our true purpose is in this life time, it isContinue reading “Soul Contracts- Realigning With Purpose”

Divine Healings-Transformation Through Feeling

On our journey to grow and evolve in life there are challenges that can at times seem overwhelming with no answer in sight. Where do you begin when there are layers of blockages that need to be looked at and released? When you can be present in your body, you can feel your way toContinue reading “Divine Healings-Transformation Through Feeling”

How To Heal Episode 4

Summary In this episode we talk with Jesse “Wolf” Hardin of Herbaria Newsletter, Plant Healers Magazine and The Good Medicine Confluence. Wolf discuss how him and his wife Kiva’s journey in plant medicine began and the healing connection of their land in Durango, Colorado. We also discuss the upcoming Good Medicine Confluence coming up onlineContinue reading “How To Heal Episode 4”

How To Heal Episode 1

Summary How to heal is about combining practical health and spiritual knowledge that can be utilized daily for enhancement in all areas of life. Episode 1 is about the background and principles that the show is built on along with an introduction to Energetics and energy awareness. For an introduction to energy awareness visit MikaLeone.comContinue reading “How To Heal Episode 1”